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Multiple versions

Creating a Duplicate Sheet

A lot of times you will want to create different versions of the same form so that you may let different groups of users see different versions of the form.

To create two versions of the same sheet, right-click on the sheet, or click on the little arrow when you hover on the sheet's name, and choose Duplicate Sheet.

Another way to do this is to click on the Multiple Versions option in the Form Tools menu in the Design Mode, under the Sheet Linking Tools category.

Check if the box that says Use same data source on new sheet is selected and click on the Duplicate Sheet button.

Note, if you uncheck the box "Use same data source on new sheet", it will create a copy sheet that has same design and structure as the original sheet without neither copying the records nor sharing the data source. And if you would like to copy / duplicate a tab with all sheets under it, you may refer to this article.

Ragic will create a second sheet that has the same name, fields, and data. The two sheets point to the same set of entries in the database, therefore when you enter a new entry in one of the sheets, it will also appear on the other. All edits and deletion of entries will also be reflected on both sheets.

On the other hand, changes you make in the design of one of the sheets will not be reflected on the other sheet. This feature is extremely useful since you can delete fields that you want to keep confidential on one of the sheets, but still have the data on the other sheet. You can also create a fixed filter for this reason. Learn more about creating a Fixed Filter in our Shared View and Fixed Filter documentation.

After having your sheets display the necessary amount of information, you can set up the Access Rights from the Design Mode on the left sidebar. You can set the two sheets to be visible to different user groups with different access rights.

Configuring this should be pretty useful in cases where you need different user groups see similar pools of data in different ways. In the example below, there are two versions of an employees sheet, one copy seen from the HR department's perspective, and the other copy edited for the IT department.

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

This feature is also useful when you have a large database on only one sheet and would like to display

certain fields in another listing page.

Adding a New Field or Subtable on Multiple versions

If you would like to add a new field or subtable to the design in multiple versions of a sheet, this new field or subtable will need to exist on any copy of this sheet first. Navigate to the version of the sheet you'd like to add the field or subtable that already exists for another version. Click on the Form Tools menu in the Design Mode to view all the existing links under the "Multiple Versions" title. You'll see the all other versions of this sheet. You can add available fields or subtables by clicking on the sheet name where your fields or subtable exists. A pop-up will appear that show available linked fields and subtables.

Drag and drop the new fields or subtables you would like to add that already exist onto your sheet from this configuration.

Just remember that the fields that you are adding will show up for every user that has the correct access rights for this sheet.

Switch to a Different Version of an Entry

If you have multiple versions of the same sheet, you can add an action button to easily switch between the same record's entries in other sheets within Ragic.

To do this, go to the design mode of the form page you would like to add the action in. You will find a list of your linked sheets under the Form Tools menu, sorted beneath the type of linking. Click on the gear icon next to the version of the sheet you would like to navigate to through your entries.

You will be prompted to name the button that will be added to your action.

This will create an action button that will take you to the URL from each entry to the associated entry in your duplicated sheet.

To have a link back to the first sheet, you can redo these steps in your second sheet.

Note: If you want to remove action button, you may refer to this article

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