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Approval flow configuration

Configuring the Approval Process

You may configure the Approval process for your database sheets in Ragic for all users in your account.

Configure the approval flow of a form by going to the Design Mode. You will see a checkbox in the lower-right hand corner.

Hovering on this checkbox will display where you can set the approval steps.

This dialogue box can also be opened through the Form Tools menu.

You can add as many approval steps as you would like to from the configuration box.

Set the Approver Title you wish to use for an approval step such as "Purchasing Manager", or "Project Manager". The Name field is where the approver will be set for each approval step.

You may select an approver Name from Users in your account.

If an approver can be anyone from a certain user group in your account, you can select this user group instead.

If the approver should be a user's direct supervisor, you can choose the option Direct Supervisor under the title Company Organize Tree.

To set the approver to users' supervisor's supervisor, you can choose the option Supervisor of Supervisor.

Please note that you will need to fill in the information in the system sheet "User" for the system to identify users' supervisors. If you don't have the field Direct Supervisor in your User sheet, please contact support@ragic.com on updating system default sheets.

Below are some additional settings you can configure for your approval flow:

Strict identity verification: Verify user identification when pending approval. You may have to set this option to comply with local laws, for example, FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Allow to reject approval: Users will be able to reject the approval.

Lock record when approval starts: The record will be locked once the approval process starts.

After finishing setting up the approval steps, don't forget to Save the changes you have made in the design mode.

Using the Approval Flow

The approval steps you have set for the form will show up in every entry for your users. After an entry is saved, clicking the Start Approval button will begin the approval process.

You may refer to this guide regarding using approval flow in Ragic.

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