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Tuning the layout of your form

Formatting the appearance of your sheet is really quick and easy with Ragic in the Design Mode. Having a consistent appearance among your sheets helps to keep your database look more organized. You can also design different versions of the sheet to match the look and feel you need when printing or exporting your data as files.

Changing the Height and Width of your Fields

Changing the height and width of cells works like spreadsheet software applications such as excel. Dragging the right border of a column's reference tab helps you to adjust the width of the column.

Similarly, dragging the bottom border of a row's reference tab will adjust the height of the row.

Changing the Style of Field Headers and Values

You can change the style of the field header and values from the Styles tab in the design mode. This can be done separately for the form page and listing page.

If you want to have custom styling for your field values while entering data, you can use BBCodes for text formatting while doing so.

Adding Field Borders

Add field borders to the field header and/or value from the Styles tab in the design mode. This can be done separately for the form page and listing page.

Click on the square border icon under the label style or the value style.

The menu will display your options on adding borders to the sides that you prefer.

You can also select a border color and style.

Your border will be placed in your form design.

Copying Styles

To copy already designed field header and/or value styles to another field, you can click the "Copy Styles" button with the brush icon. This will apply the same style configurations to the next clicked field.

To copy a selected style to multiple fields, check the box "Paste copied styles to multiple fields".

Apply Theme

Clicking Select Theme under Styles,the fly-in will display themes.

After selecting the theme you like, it will automatically apply to your fields style!

Moving Fields

You can move your existing fields in the design mode by dragging and dropping. Click and hold the field header with your primary mouse button, drag this field header to an empty space on your form, and drop it by releasing your mouse button.

Moving your subtable to another row can also be done in the design mode by dragging. First make sure that you have enough space (3 cells beneath your subtable field headers (these will expand in your form in editing mode later). You can drag one of your subtable fields to an empty space on your form to start the process. Ragic will show you a prompt, asking if you want to move your subtable. Select the cell that you would like your first subtable field (the leftmost) would go to. Ragic will move your entire subtable upon confirming.

If you want to move your subtable fields to change the order of your subtable fields, you can drag and drop the fields horizontally to achieve it.

Formatting Static Text Fields

You have the option to format static text fields in the field Description. Static text fields are helpful for some users when they are using the database, and their usage ranges from headers to description text fields.

There are a variety of formatting options for static text fields displayed on the left sidebar when the field is selected. You can set the font style, text size, alignment, text color, cell color, and link to a URL.

Selecting the color options for a static text fields will display a color picker, which has a range of options. You have the option of choosing from swatches, the canvas, or enter a hexademical code in the upper left hand corner.

Span (merge) cells

You can span cells in multiple columns, by selecting the Span Multi Column option in the left sidebar for regular fields, which will merge the number of cells you input in the same row.

To do this in static text fields, just drag the lower right corner of the field.

Change Tab Color

To chage tab color, you can access the context menu of a tab by right clicking on it and click change color.

A color picker will show up. You can just select the color you like and click save color.

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